Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Are you drinking enough water?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Water is so important to your diet. Hydration help's in so many thing's including getting clear skin, and organ functionality, do you remember my "water is your friend" post? There are lot's more reason's why you should be drinking H20 there!

Here are a few way's to get it into your system! 

  • Use a straw - you'd be surprised at how much more liquid you can consume if you use a straw! Make it a pink one, make it a curly straw, just use one!

  • Wakey wakey rise & shine! - Drink 1 glass of water after you wake up! 8 hour's of no water - you are doing your body a huge favour!

  • With a slice of... - Add a slice of lemon or cucumber (my favourite!) for an even more refreshing taste. 

  • Quick fix - drink coconut water for speedy hydration after a workout or fast. So yummy!

  • Mark your water bottles with times - to make sure that you are hydrating regularly throughout the day
  • 7 bands for 7 glasses - 7-8 glasses of water is the recommended daily intake. If you use one water bottle, put 7 elastic bands or hair ties around it in the morning, and remove one every time you refill it. It's so handy as you know where you are in the middle of the day and can pick up the pace if you're slacking!

  • Mix it up - if you're really struggling to swap pop for water, try the flavoured waters, just try to buy the ones with the least sugar!

  • Ice Cube Baby! - add ice for a satisfying glass of H20. TIP: If you don't like the 'cloudy' ice and prefer your cube's clear, use boiled water to fill your ice cube tray's rather than water straight from the tap! You can also add diced fruit to the ice cubes for a fun summer drink!

  • Reduce caffeine intake - caffeine is the killer of hydration, it's actually toxic for our bodies, cut it out as quick as you can. You don't need drug's to wake you up once you are "8 bottle's" hydrated. Trust me!

  • Beat the craving's! - every time you feel like snacking (usually out of boredom) take a few sip's. This is actually one method they use with people trying to quit smoking. Replacing a bad habit, with a good one!

  • Bedtime Water - always take a glass of water to bed for that emergency, middle of the night thirst! Usually you wont drink all of it, but we all know what happen's when we forget it, we need water! Every. Time.

  • Learn to appreciate - a little pet peeve of mine is how people claim water to be "boring"  and over look the blessing of water. Do you know how lucky you are to have a tap running with cold, clean water available in your home?? Something so natural and vital for survival; forget filling your body with overpriced, morning coffee's and sickly pop with ingredient's you can't pronounce or know what they are, just keep it simple with a glass of water and praise God for a truly great blessing.  

Now that you've read that, to start you on your way, go fill a glass and drain it within 5 minute's!

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  1. Writing the times onto the water bottle is such a great idea - I'll definitely try it because I never drink enough water. Thank you!



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