Thursday, 5 July 2012

Food Matter's - Documentary Review

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

(Firstly, I just want to point out that i'm not being sponsored for this post, i'm just really passionate about this subject, and i watched it in full on YouTube!)

Food glorious food. 

One of the main source's of survival, but yet something we easily forget the importance of.

Do we really know the importance of fueling our bodies (the vessel God blessed us with) correctly?

Are we respecting our own body and maintaining our good health, something which million's of people are currently without?

Do you eat to live or live to eat?

"1/4 of what you eat keep's you alive, whilst 3/4 of what you eat keeps your doctor alive."

It's scary how many people who live in the west, with access to an abundant amount of healthy food are malnourished.

I recently watched the documentary called "Food Matters" (thanks to Nikki Phillippi for recommending it!) and it really is an eye opener. Bringing attention to how a doctor's first go-to is "a pill for every ill" and rarely advise the patient on better nutrition. 

It point's out that illness comes from lack of well rounded nutrition (it should be obvious, right?). Using the metaphor about how if you put the wrong petrol in a car then it's not going to travel very far. They also take a look at different countries and the thing's they eat (or do not) and the rate's of cancer, heart diease etc. Covering GM food's and highlighting the importance of drinking more water and taking vitamin C (as well as other vitamin's because it's so hard for the body to get enough through the condition of fresh produce in store - it's already a week old when it's on the shelf!),  and much more - it's jam packed full of information!

It reminded me of how many illness' that doctor's have no knowledge of, subhanallah. Or an illness that they treat but have no idea what triggered it. So what is the problem? Food. You are what you eat. Fill yourself with junk, then you will feel like rubbish and your body will start to break down. 

If you are taking life time medication and it's not treating you well, you have the choice and right to stop taking that 'medicine' and update your meal plan's and daily nutrition. You know your body, it's not complicated to know how good fresh fruit and veg are to your diet.
 Take responsibility of your health because only you will be judged on how you treat it.

I highly recommend this documentary, as there's so much more to learn, which doctor's avoid because they want to make money out us, the patient's. Just think of chemo patient's, to remove or reduce a tumour they pump the patient with more foreign medicine, which the patient's body should automatically reject, if that fail's, it make's them even more ill than when they started, or worse - kill's them. They then look at the nutritional value of a hospital patient's meal, if you've ever had the joy of experiencing one you know it's bad and most dog's get a better lunch.

You alway's hear about great granny's cold medicine which she make's from all natural ingredient's, that nobody likes the taste of but alway's help's to heal them. There's a reason why.  

Use what God gave you: natural fruit, vegetable's, herb's, spice's, grain's,  honey etc. As prevention is alway's better than cure, but if you're a little late, then natural is alway's best.

There are two great book's which I mentioned in this blog post, Food's that harm & food's that heal (fact's on lot's of food and nutritional value and what they do etc) and Healing with the medicine of the Prophet (healing all sort's of illness' and disease's, naturally) - both highly recommended, 5*, thumb's up kind of book's!

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