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Modest Fashion Monday - Wardrobe Essential's - Part 5

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Sensible shoes & Boots
This may stir a few sister's up, but please hear me out. Sensible shoes can be ballet flats, sandal's, wedge's, or boot's with a couple inches on the heel, as i know some women need a little bit of a heel for medical reason's. Still fashionable, comfortable and they let you go about your business with ease. What i don't recommend are those ridiculous platform and stiletto heel's. Don't fret i'm not deeming them 'haram'! They are ok for a girl's night or dress up for you and your husband as they are only worn out of sight of non mahrem's and just for a short while.  Here's some tip's on the best and worst shoes for your feet. Just please remember, it really isn't cute or classy for a Muslimah to be clip-clopping down the street drawing unwanted attention to herself.

Quran ~ Noor: 31 "...And let them not stamp their feet so as to reveal what they hide of their adornment. And turn you all to Allah in repentance, O believers, that you may be successful."

 You may think you can strut your stuff better than a Victoria's Secret model but it's not cute or convenient. Shall I tell you a little secret, sister to sister? The 9 out of 10 women who think they can handle walking in heel's really can't. It looks a hot mess. Not to mention that these heel's are made so that a woman walk's differently to how she would in flat's. To quote Amy Farrah Fowler (she's hilarious trying to walk in those yellow heel's btw) 

"did you know women wear heel's to make their buttock's and breast's look more prominent?"

It makes me cringe watching these "hijabi fashion show's" where the designer has put the model's in peep toe Christian Louboutin style heel's and hasnt even checked to see if they can walk properly. CRINGE! Or even worse when they are out in the highstreet, and they complain why people look at them with puzzled faces. A muslimah should walk outside with confidence, not worrying if she's going to turn over on her ankle at any moment. I've seen it, you've seen it, even my husband has seen it and is still baffled to this day and wonder's why women continue to bully themselves into such a mess; a trap to please man rather than pleasing the One who blessed them with leg's and feet! 

Also if you are into fashion then you maybe interested to read up on Louboutin and why he decided to create the shoes that he did (figure changing, sensual, erotica, fetish for male arousal...), if that doesn't put a Muslimah off wearing them in public, i don't know what will! Call me old fashioned but if I call myself a 'Muslimah' i sure want to act like one too, I don't want to waste all that effort in wearing hijab to void the reward's and have Mr Pervy Perverson over there taking a good look. We can all agree that we feel more sexy in heel's (that's what they are made for afterall - re: Amy quote, and the reason why certain 'dancer's' don't wear flat's), but there's a time and a place sister's; a time and a place.

Remember that your feet are part of the awrah too, so opaque socks/stocking's are essential! These can be found in many varieties: 12 or 3 ... 

Here are are just a few example's of fashionable, sensible and easy wear shoes:

Muslimah's Essentials - sensible shoes!

(if you like an item in any picture featured in this mini series, just click the image to be taken to all the details!)

Next week's post is the last in the series of Wardrobe Essential's, thank you for reading up to now and I hope you enjoy the last segment, don't forget to comment and follow this blog to read it first!

Recommended reading:
All the hadith and Quran ayah's you will need which support's the reasoning behind the modest dress Muslimah's have.

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