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Modest Fashion Monday - Wardrobe Essentials Part 6

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

last but not least...

 The LBD 
The Abaya of course! (see what i did there!) Or if you prefer a button down rather than an over-head; a jilbab. These can be worn in numerous styles; just think accessories. I notice alot of women who wear the abaya shun it as boring and envy other girls who don't wear it for showing off their outfit's. 

You can still be stylish in an abaya. 

Muslimahs Essentials - The LBD - Abaya & Jilbab!

Even tough this section is titled 'LBD' your abaya or jilbab doesn't have to be black. There's no ruling that say's black only. I have a couple denim jilbab's myself as well as other muted colour's. As long as it's not neon pink i.e. drawing attention to you, it's all gravy. Never be jealous or upset if you wear abaya as those women you're jealous of could just be thinking the same of you and your strength in being able to wear it. Headscarf, hangbag, and shoes (H.H.S) are the main 3 thing's which you can use to dress an abaya up or down. Then you can add jacket's or even poncho's to mix it up. If it's a button down jilbab, you may want to skip the jacket's otherwise it's a little sensory overload, just stick with H.H.S. You're still being modest without smothering and hiding away your personality. 

Another thing I wanted to point out was that whatever 'that girl' is wearing - you can too! Whether it's under your abaya or in the comfort of your own home, you can still wear and buy whatever you like. After all, it is about "Me, myself and Allah", who cares what other people think? If it help's, remember to go 'back to basic's' and understand why you are wearing what you are wearing before you leave the house; it shouldn't be for any man or woman! 

That's the power of the Muslimah and her LBD. You are rocking that abaya for you and Allah SWT. Nothing beat's that!

New Hijabi/Niqabi wardrobe additions/clothing shopping list:
  • Hijab/Niqab
  • Underscarf
  • Selection of pins
  • Wide leg trousers
  • Tunic/Blouse
  • Long sleeved basic t-shirt (Body) - turtle neck optional
  • Maxi skirt/dress
  • Pair of leggings
  • Pair of modesty sleeves
  • Pack of opaque socks/tights/stockings (preferably longer than ankle length)
  • Abaya

NOTE: If you are a revert Muslimah, don't throw out your 'old' clothes, i donated loads thinking "i wont wear this now!" and regretted it. I completely forgot that i could still wear that short skirt at home, the same goes for whatever else wasn't within the dress guidelines! Doh!

Recommended reading:
All the hadith and Quran ayah's you will need which support's the reasoning behind the modest dress Muslimah's have.


  1. Asalam waliykum,

    I agree do not throw out your old clothes. I gave some away and some i kept. I just got married so Alhamdulillah i have some nice girly dresses and tops left :D

    I just started to wear Abaya and i follow the opinion that it should not be blinged out and attractive surely that defeats hijab and attracts attention. So my abayas are always plain with no decoration in muted colours. I save my nice abayas and flashy kaftans and dresses for those deserving of seeing my pretty clothes. Same goes for jewellery and makeup. Alhamdulillah such a relief to just go out bare faced in a simple abaya/jilbab i can whip on and head out for the day.

    Seen sooo many sisters who wear OTT clothing, makeup and bling when it comes to prayer they take hours to remove all just to wash and then hours to cake it all on again. Sometimes they dont want to ruin makeup and their hijab style they dont pray at all until they get home. If what you are wearing is making your obligations difficult or impposible surely thats a sign in itself your not wearing proper hijab.

    Dont get me started on the olympics and the muslim women wearing tight clothing just to partake. I gave up my job for my hijab for Allah. They wanted me to compramise slightly, told them no way... Intention and Actions go hand in hand.

  2. Thanks for commenting :)

    I love the 'abaya feeling', it's so easy just to throw on and you don't have to worry about tops being long enough to cover, needing different layers as some garment's dont cover everything etc etc.
    Fuss free = my kind of style!


~~La ilaha il Allah~~

Thank you for the comment. I love reading them all. I'm really sorry if I can't reply to everyone but I do try my best. Hope you understand. Peace.


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