Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympics Opening Ceremony London 2012

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

TEAM PALESTINE! Source: Sun Times

I watched it, thoroughly enjoyed it, don't judge me. Load's of people moaning about it and being Debbie Downer's, judging other's for watching it, but yet they still sat and watched it themselves *insert eye roll here*.
After all, I am British, it has cost us £17 billion+ to hold these games, we're in financial turmoil but manage to scrape that bit of change together! So I was going to at least enjoy the opening ceremony.

Source: Time

Between a ride through the countryside with the countdown (oh number 6, why didn't you pop all your balloon's?? You let your country down.), the corgi's, a parachuting Queen (after her 'acting' debut) along side James bond, Mr Bean playing "Chariots of Fire", children dancing around the may pole in the arena come countryside, pearly king's and queen's, cricket, picnic's, top hat's, the revolution, yellow submarine's, a reading from JK Rowling, Great Ormond Street Hospital, NHS nurses, the child catcher, Voldemort, Mary Poppin's, Kes, Bohemian Rhapsody, Beckham driving a speed boat up the Thames, the sing along of "Hey Jude", the firework's, we were given alot of British history, culture and many golden nugget's of Great Britain to enjoy! 

My favourite part!
Source: Time
I think we should bring the top hat back, along with the other clothes! Women used to dress so modestly back then, I really loved watching the whole thing evolve!
There was even one tweet, which made me laugh out loud - literally - which mentioned; "the whole world is watching, Danny Boyle could actually Rick Roll us all at any moment!", thankfully he didn't!

There was even a speech from the Queen, although it would have been improved if she had added: 
"...and may the odd's be ever in your favour!" 
Hehe, when the first picture's of what the arena would look like were released a couple of month's ago, it did remind of The Hunger Games. You know, all the contestant's in an arena, a cornucopia in the middle, I feel last night could have gone either way.

Source: Daily Mail

I got to see the Palestinian team walk out too, even if it was for a split second *waves fist at BBC*, i'm pretty sure everyone else had half an hour air time, so if you are yet to watch it, don't blink when it comes to the countries beginning with P. Can you believe it?! Yes, they were actually recognised as a country...finally.

The Italian's were looking slick in their Armani Suit's, specially made for the night. I think Vivienne Westwood must have been on the sick if you look at how Team GB were dressed. Wasn't there anyone else to take a leaf out of the Italian's book and get a British fashion house to hook them up? They would have looked so much better. We get stuck with NEXT. White shell suit's with gold tin foil, releasing the inner chav, perhaps?! 
After the countries, the olympic flag came out and Muhammad Ali made an appearance mashallah. Although it was a little sad to see him in such state "God gave me this illness to remind me that I'm not number One; he is." ~ Muhammad Ali. May Allah bless him. 

I will hopefully be enjoying the badminton, archery, gymnastics, swimming and any sport which include's:
Trinidad & Tobago
...and any team with a hijabi in it ;)


  1. I loved the opening ceremonies as well! Mr. Bean was my favorite part though :) I was so happy to see Palestine and I was on Hijabi look out the whole time. Even one of the little girl's jumping on the bed was wearing hijab. Great post!

    1. Oh yes, I remember her! What memories she must have being apart of it all, wow :)
      I still have the opening ceremony on sky+ (DVR), lol!


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