Sunday, 1 July 2012

Ramadan Questionnaire's

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

I stumbled across a weekly questionnaire by one of my favourite youtuber's, and thought i'd use the inspiration and adjust it toward's Ramadan, as it's starting in around 20 day's - depending on moon sighting.

Inshallah I will complete three of these (before, during, and after Ramadan) as I enjoy documenting different event's and going back and reading through them, even if they sound uninteresting and uneventful at the time. I was only just doing this yesterday, a few of my older Ramadan post's have been getting some love this past week and I found myself just sitting there reading them too (I was so focused last year, wow!). I think one year I attempted to blog everyday in Ramadan but it just didn't happen, so I think this method maybe a little more manageable.

Here are the 3 questionnaire's which should cover everything, if not i can alway's add a bit on the end. Join me if you like, copy and paste each section and publish at the appropriate time with a little link back to my blog, if you don't mind (it's only fair :p)

To fill out before Ramadan:

1) Mood?
2) Your current (be honest) level of health and iman?
2) Have you made any preparation's for Ramadan yet? e.g. book list, meal plan's, dua list...
3) Who will you be spending Ramadan with?
4) What are 3 thing's you want to learn/improve on this month?
5) What is the one dua you will focus on most this Ramadan?
6) What is your go-to ready (home)made Ramadan dish?
7) First week goal's?
8) Second week goal's?
9) Who are your favourite Quran recitor's?
10) Are you ready for Ramadan 2012 / 1433?

To fill out half way through Ramadan:

1) Mood?
 2) Your current (be honest) level of health and iman?
3) How is Ramadan going so far?
4) Have you made progress on the answer's of Q4 in the first part of the questionnaire?
5) Has your dua list grown any?
6) Are you eating healthily at dawn and dusk?
7) Third week goal's?
8) Fourth week goal's?
9) Can you recommend your favourite Quran recitor's?
10) Are you happy with the first half of your Ramadan 2012 / 1433?
If not, what are you going to change?

To be filled out at the end of Ramadan

1) Mood
 2) Your current (be honest) level of health and iman?
3) In 6 word's, sum up your Ramadan experience
4) Did you read all of The Quran with understanding and attend Taraweah?
5) What did you do for Eid?
6) What did you learn about yourself?
7) Think back to Q4 before Ramadan, will you now implement those 3 thing's outside of Ramadan?
8) What advice would you give to someone who has never fasted?
9) What would you change or improve on for next year's Ramadan?
10) What did/do you enjoy most about Ramadan?

I'd love to read all your answer's, either in your blog post (don't forget to leave me the link) or in a comment below and don't forget to add where in the world you are spending Ramadan! : )


  1. I will do this with you. This will be my first Ramadan, so it will all be a challenge for me.

    Thank you for posting this

  2. This is exactly what I need to do...Insha'Allah

  3. This sounds like a great idea. Insha'Allah I will join you in sharing/posting my answers! :)

    1. Salam sis, i've been out of the blog loop since ramadan started, how'd it go? did you manage to use the questionnaire's? I missed doing the last one, typical me lol can't join in on my own blog spot's :))

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