Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Ramadan Tool Kit

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Asalamu alaikum!
Ramadan is a great month; the month of mercy and blessing's inshallah. The month The Quran was revealed and the month in which the night of Qadr can be found. We all have the urge to do great thing's within these 30 day's, but there's so many thing's to do, where do we start? If you are thinking it's all about the food, 'feasting' rather than fasting you could find yourself heading in the wrong direction!

I thought it would be a great idea to compile a list of of the most useful tool's to equip ourselves for Ramadan, inshallah. 

No, not those kind of tool's!


REMIND YOURSELF WHY - Ramadan Refresher

MOTIVATE - Just 30 day's out of 365!

FILL OUT - Ramadan Questionnaires  

WRITE - Wish List - (personal prep & list of goal's)

PRINT - Ramadan Checklist

PRAY - Ask Allah SWT for a beneficial Ramadan for you, family, friend's and the ummah, inshallah

EXEMPT FROM FASTING? - How to earn blessing's when you are unable to fast

WORKING MUSLIM? - Employee's Guide to Ramadan

BUY - Ethical Date's and Halal Food

EAT - Guide to HEALTHY fasting  & Recommended Ramadan Diet

MEAL PLAN - Iftar Recipe Mix & Ramadan recipe Mix 

READFree Ramadan Ebook's

WATCHRamadan Video's

LISTEN -  Ramadan Nasheed's  / Children's Nasheed's

TWEET - Use hashtag #RamadanTip to encourage the Ummah and give dawah

SPEAK GENTLY  - 12 Tip's to Control Your Tongue

(LADIES) DON'T STOP - Things you can do when on your period

ENCOURAGE MINI MUSLIM'S - 99 things to help children complete their fast

COLOUR - ABC's of Ramadan (children's printable colouring book) 

NEVER QUIT - The Fasting and the Furious!

GIVE - money to charity, food to the poor... read up on Zakat al Fitr

LEARN: 7 Spiritual habit's to develop this Ramadan 

REVIEW & IMPROVE - daily islamic duties e.g. wudu, salah, speech to other's, eating habit's...

DECORATE - DIY Ramadan & Eid Decoration's

WORKOUT - 9 Tip's for working out during Ramadan (yes, seriously!) 

COOK - batches of food including your go-to pre-(home)made Ramadan dish 
(chicken pot pie is a golden oldy!)

ORGANISE FINANCES - 30 day money cleanse

ATTEND - Taraweah Salah

SEARCH - For laylat ul Qadr within the last 10 day's 

PLAN - Last 10 day's Ramadan Planner

PREPARE: Avoid post-Ramadan let down

WANT MORE? - 25 Way's to get the most out of Ramadan

DO - make the most of every second you have been blessed with during Ramadan

FAST - with the correct intention's

DO NOT -  leave your good habit's at the exit of Ramadan

SHARE - If this tool kit has helped you, please pass it on to help our ummah inshallah! 

Jazakallah khair!


  1. What a great list, jazaki'Allahu khair for putting it together.

  2. Hajj occupies a very important position in the various forms of Islamic worship. The Holy Prophet (sws) once, answering a question placed it among the basics of Islam. He defined Islam in the following words: Islam means that you openly state that there is no god except Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah; establish the prayer, pay Zakah; fast during the month of Ramadan and offer the Hajj of the House of Allah if you are able to afford journey to it.
    Umrah 2013


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