Thursday, 2 August 2012

Primark Home Haul!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

I was out shopping with my Mum and discovered some goodies. Primark have some lovely home bargain's! I understand the whole controversy with shopping there, but each to their own and all that. 

I love a bargain and i'm always trying to find way's to decorate my home which don't break the bank. We currently rent our home so are unable to make any big changes to the decor (wall paper, paint a feature wall etc) so settle for little ornament's; vintage and modern.

Flocked Butterfly Accessory Hijab Hanger - £1 from £2
I'm a sucker for a hijab hanger. You'll remember this when you see my upcoming post on Hijab organisation and the array of hanger's I possess ;) I'm going to keep this one just for really light, lace/chiffon scarves. It's pink and a BUTTERFLY! I just had to have it.

3 pack Wash Cloth - £1-ish
This is a bit of a boring one. Flannel's/face cloth/wash cloth whatever you decide to call them. The colour matches my bath sheet and it's recommended to use a cloth to wash your face than just your hand, as it boost's circulation and help's to exfoliate face and neck.
Box Photo Frame - £1 from £2
You can nail it to the wall or stand it portrait or landscape. Is it weird that I like the image/pattern that came with it?? :/ I will be filling it with a real photo soon, and will sit on my desk inshallah.

Floor Length Satin Curtain's - £10 from £25
One of my favourite thing's I ever bought, a pair of curtain's for a tenner, mashallah :D They are lined, so quite heavy, do a good job of keeping the light out and have concealed tab top's (the style I was looking for!). The top panel is grey and the rest is silver/grey. They also match my cushion's, sofa throw and the cat tree! It was just meant to be! Apologises for the uber poopy photo, it really doesn't do them justice. They actually have sheen to them, they are like a satin material. I couldn't be happier with them. The only thing which bug's me is the creases from where they were packed. I will just have to wait for them to fall out. You also get the tie back's included, whcih i just need to get the hook's for inshallah.

Mary Poppin's inspired Tea Towel - £1+
This was a complete spurr of the moment buy. Wondering around the home section I spotted a pastel pink tea towel with "Keep calm and have a cupcake" on it. That wasn't anything special, but then I saw this and just had to have it! I'm Mary Poppin's obsessed, and needed something to brighten up the Kitchen. It is quite thin so i don't imagine it being very absorbent. However, for just over a pound it add's a little bit of fun to my kitchen!!

Butterfly Lantern - £2
A modern twist to the beautiful Moroccan lantern's. This would be great for outdoor use in the garden for an evening BBQ, and you could even hang it up if you liked. I light it in the house and has even been a make shift yankee tart burner, balancing a glass dish on top! I couldn't wait until got an actual tart burner hehe! Also, note the four butterflies - I was sold!

Summer Dress - £5 from £10
Hmm, who put this in my basket?? ;) It's technically a beach cover-up rather than a halter neck summer/maxi dress. I just wear it as a dress in my home. I love the pop of neon the rope ties bring to it. Simple and lovely. Again, sorry for the bad photo's, there really is no great way to shoot it unless it's being worn.

Have you tried and tested any Primark Home goodies? 


  1. jazakAllah khair. My latest bloglet is on Ahadeeth Regarding Ramadhan

  2. Looks like you got some great bargains. I love the scarf hanger and the lantern :)

  3. Assalamu Alaykum :)
    Lovely blog

  4. Assalamualaikum wa rahamtulahi wa barakatu!!
    what a cute lovely post with some lovely goodies to share with us!!!! Hope you are having a great Ramadan sis!!!

    Please do visit and follow me one day :) !!

    A chinese revert from Canada,

    1. wa alaikum salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatu sister :)
      Alhamdulilah Ramadan is going good, i hope yours is too inshallah.

      oh i love your blog layout mashallah!

  5. Assalamualaikum

    Lovely blog

    Also have a look


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