Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Ramadan Questionnaire - The Middle

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Asalamu alaikum, i'm really sorry this is late! How is your Ramadan going so far?? Inshallah khair, I pray you will have a great last 10 day's of Ramadan.
Remember, if any of you are joining in on the questionnare (for your personal use only, i'm not going to be collecting answer's) just let me know in the comment's :)

1) Mood? Happy and hopeful for the last ten day's of Ramadan

 2) Your current (be honest) level of health and iman? Iman took a nose dive with being off for a week (grr!) but so happy to be back alhamdulilah! Health is ok, feeling very tired which makes me a little annoyed as i can't do as much as i'd like to.

3) How is Ramadan going so far? Not bad, but really could be better

4) Have you made progress on the answer's of Q4 in the first part of the questionnaire?
Learn more surah's inshallah (Not quite), improve daily dua's (A little), and pray more sunnah prayer's (Yes! alhamdulilah. I even created a new salah chart because I know that only the thing's that get measured can get improved ;)

5) Has your dua list grown any?
Yes, but i still need to write it down. Now that it's close to laylatul Qadr it should give me the incentive to get this year's down on paper
6) Are you eating healthily at dawn and dusk?
Yes, alhamdulilah. One thing which i'm really happy about is my healthy diet. I changed and made some healthy swap's before Ramadan which has helped alot. More fruit and veg, regular correct portioned meal's, vitamins and lot's of water!

7) Third week goal's?
I missed part of week three so I just want to continue where I left off inshallah and imrpove what I need to

8) Fourth week goal's?
Write up mental dua list.
Find Laylatul Qadr!
Finish The Quran.
Continue good deed's and routine beyond Ramadan
 9) Can you recommend your favourite Quran recitor's?
Didn't I put this question on the first part? Oops. I don't have any new recitor's, maybe my reader's could recommend theirs in the comment's below?? *hint hint*

10) Are you happy with the first half of your Ramadan 2012 / 1433?
If not, what are you going to change?
Yes, the thing's that happened really were out of my control, subhanallah :) I just need to sit down and write up some surah sheet's to stick around the house for easier remembrance!

One last thing before I go!

Allah says: "Laylah al-Qadr is better than 1000 months." [Sûrah al-Qadr: 3]

A thousand months = 83.33 year's – that is longer than most people live. Laylah al-Qadr means "the Night of Decree". It is the night wherein Allah sent down the Qur'ân to the lowest heavens. Our good deeds on this special night are magnified in value, so that it is as if we have been offing those deeds for 1000 months.  continue reading


  1. Salams. Ramadan is a hard one for me this year, feel a bit shell shocked if I'm honest. Hope you get all you desire from this month. Amin

    1. Wa alaikum salam sister. Ameen. We all feel like that at times, inshallah you feel better with everything now we're in the last 10 day's, just give it one last push before that finsih line ^_^


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