Tuesday, 20 November 2012

HAYATI - Magazine for Muslimah's REVIEW

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

HAYATI is a web based Muslimah lifestyle magazine which covers a wide range of topics such as faith, charity, beauty, health, fashion, living and more. HAYATI’s mission is to influence Muslim women’s whole lives helping them to be fashion-forward, smart and modern within the limits of Islam. With intelligent, in-depth writing and an on point array of fashion that is both aspirational and accessible, HAYATI hopes to inspire its reader’s to build not just personal style but personal power Insha’Allah.
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HAYATI is a monthly online publication which is viewable on desktops and select mobile devices. Our first two issues will be free to the public and starting with the third issue (January) an Apple AppStore app will be available as well. With our third issue, we will also be commencing print-on-demand for readers who would prefer to purchase and have the publication in print.

My thought's: This looks to be a promising magazine for Muslim women. I like it how it is currently available free online so it can reach all audience's, i'm a little unsure how it will work afterwards if you don't have an Apple itunes account. The content is quite professional looking and easy to read, covering many needed topic's (spiritual, intellectual and physical), and using reader's input for some article's. Although, as I was browsing through my PDF copy on my laptop I was a little confused about the product placement such as MAC make-up, the hijab and abaya label's and brand's are expected but the free promo for MAC, in a women's magazine, is a little cliche for me. There are some great natural make up and beauty brand's out there, some halal approved, which may interest and get the attention of more reader's. However I enjoyed the recipe's, hijab style how-to's and interview's. A pro for this magazine is the design and graphic's; timely and clean. The last thing I want to share and perhaps suggest to the editor is the outfit look's need to be on the more realistic, everyday working woman pay cheque side as the shoes for $6k+ will be out of the majority of reader's budget's. I enjoy ogling designer item's but I feel there needs to be a balance, stick a little bit of high street in there, you could perhaps recreate a designer outfit from high street or charity shop's. 

Get your copy here: HAYATI

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