Thursday, 8 November 2012

The WWW - Link Love #4

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Asalamu alaikum!
Wow, if my blog was a tamagotchi pet, i think it would be well and dead! Apologises for the neglect  everyone. How was Ramadan? I completely missed the final part of the Ramadan questionairre, whoops!
I thought i'd get back into the swing of thing's with one of my favourite segment's: The WWW.

Can you believe the last one was in May? Time fly's incredibly fast, it's scary. For new subscriber's, first of all Hi and welcome, 'The WWW' is a little link love of the all thing's that I am currently loving at the moment on the World Wide Web. Since you enjoy my blog, I think you may enjoy some of the thing's I share, so why not pop a long and show them some love too?

BLOG A Hotchpotch Hijabi in Italy - my favourite new blog by sister Sarita :)
 Italy is a place which I know I love even though I am yet to travel to and wonder around in complete bliss. I can't quite remember how I stumbled across the blog, I think it was via Twitter in my many ramblings and curiosity of Venice and food available, as it's not a place you'd think to be populated by Muslim's. Hijabi, in Italy, blog's about italian food and cities, it's like we're mant to be bestie's. When I eventually land on Italian soil, I think I may kidnap the nicest way possible ^_^

ARTICLE Dress for your body shape as a Hijabi - a great, already pinned, article. Even though it did confirm that I have to be the awkward one by having the most challenging body shape to cover *sigh*

SKILL Krav Maga - martial art, focuses more on the martial rather than the art. Aimed at the vital and generally weak area's of the body, (you maybe interested to know it's source). This mean's it's great for women to learn in case of an attack from the opposite sex. Every woman should learn self defence.

SOUL FOOD Salah - Life's Forgotten Purpose by Yasmin Mogahed
A really interesting and enlightening look on salah and how we treat it. If it's just becoming another chore for you then i highly recommened it, inshallah. She bring's up some great point's in just 30 minute's (much more beneficial than Eastender's!) I particularly liked the point she makes about how we love to feed and obey our bodies but forget to nourish our soul's, the one thing which will last after our body has gone. SubhanAllah.

BOOK Tales of A Midwife - Maria Anderson
Fantastic. Enjoyable. A great insight for aspiring midwives like myself, highlighting the good, bad and bizarre day's of a midwife in the UK! It covers so many type's of birth and experience's which made it quite a page turner.
I am now on GoodReads, if you are too, add me!

and in other news the latest season of The Big Bang Theory started and, it's great! Also, on one sick day I decided to join Pottermore and you'll never guess what house I was sorted into...Hufflepuff! 
Don't hate.

Now, I should get going as I need to read some of The Sealed Nectar for book club tomorrow, inshallah.

What are you loving lately? Please share in the comment's below :)


  1. Very interesting blog mashaAllah :)

  2. aire bra
    Hi admin that is nice posting and this is really like it..

  3. Was trying find some halal products and came across your blog, im nt one for reading blogs but yours is really good mashallah. Kerp up the good work

    1. Thank you for the support. I hope you enjoy my future post's. I will be updating the halal beauty product list very soon Inshallah :)

  4. aire bra
    that is good blog for ever in my life i really like it very much..& nice posting.I have no words for this post

  5. Awww thank you so much! This was such a lovely surprise & very kind of you. If ever you come to Italy inshallah - I'll be ready with lots of food & goodies to show you the best Italy has to offer. I loved the article you linked to. I'm very intrigued about Yasmin Mogahed's books - a lot of people seem to be enjoying her latest book - so I need to check her out. ps Your intro takes me back, I used to be rubbish at keeping my tamagotchi pets alive : s

    1. YAY, i'm glad you saw it : ] I was going to leave you a message but I didn't get chance after it went live. Oooh i can't wait hehe, just need to make it happen somehow as this year's plan's fell through but inshallah khair.
      Oh yes, the 'reclaim your heart' book, i've heard lots about it too mashallah, i hope i get to read it some time.
      Hehe i used to get into trouble at school for looking after it, then my mum had to take over when they were banned lool.


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