Saturday, 29 December 2012

Best Bit's of 2012

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Remember the day's when saying "2012" seemed so far into the future? Or it was simply a year in 'Back to the Future'? Well, it's been and gone already, subhanAllah.
Rape Seed Field, Rocester April 2012

It's not the Islamic new year but it's the gregorian calandar which controls the day to day in the west and takes precedence. That is why i'm sometimes surprised when i'm reminded that it's such and such a day/month in the Islamic calendar and it's advised to fast or pray extra salat etc.
 I was thinking of buying the Siratt 2013 lifebook (an islamic dairy/journal) this year to help me become that little more organised and prepared. If you have the 2012 one please let me know your thought's as i'd love to get one.

 Each day we are given a new chance to change or start new, so if you can do it, that's great but if you need that push of a new year with more people in the same boat for moral support than by all means take advantage of it, to improve your mind, body or soul.
I feel more responsible to improve my way's as it's my birthday 2 day's before new year's eve, a new year for all and i'm one year closer to the end of my time in this dunya. It generally makes me appreciate all that I have accomplished but makes me think that i'm not doing enough at the same time. I need to improve, and I put alot of pressure on myself. I am trying not to over think so many thing's as it just ends in worry. Then I feel i'm perhaps taking the easy road by not thinking about it as much and not putting my all in; overthinking the overthinking!

This year has been quite pleasant for me except for a few hiccup's along the way that I try to turn into a positive.
I've been a full time housewife, or lady of luxury as I prefer to say, so have had plenty of time to build my health, work on my inner self, take better care of my husband, listen to lecture's, pray on time, cook different recipes, organise the house, read more Quran, make home improvement's, read alot more book's than I ever have in a (non academic) year and cross off alot of movies and documentaries that I have been wanting to see.

Some of favourite instagram photo's:

2012 Highlight's to look back on:

  • Meeting up with an old high school friend who I hadnt seen in year's
  • Tasting my first krispy kreme doughnut early in the year
  • My love for midwifery grew stronger than ever
  • We finally bought our first car!
  • Our first road trip to my Dad's and Ikea, because we now had said car
  • Driving to Rocester with my Mum, to check out a new academy for my brother
  • Went to see 'Bird's of a feather' at the theatre
  • Our morning in the park
  • The Avengers at the cinema
  • A gym for Muslimah's opened in my area, which is so handy
  • Roses from my husband when I was ill
  • Joining goodreads which encouraged me to read more and discover new book's, smashing my estimated reading challenge prediction. I'll be using these last few day's to squeeze one or two more in!
  • Going out for a meal, comfortably dining at an Italian restaurant which is halal
  • Learning more knowledge of Islam
  • First time to Coventry Road, Birmingham, famous for the Islamic shop's, i picked up a few book's!
  • The TV adaption of Call The Midwife & Titanic. Annie Desmond was my favourite character. "Do you ever ask yourself why they have so much and you have so little?" Annie: "I don't think i've got so little. I don't believe in envy, it eats you up from the inside. Besides wherever you go there's always haves and have nots" 
  • I started watching Revenge & Pretty Little Liar's 
  • Palestine at the olympic's 
  • Cooking new recipes, I enjoy testing new thing's and pushing my creativity
  • The beginning of my love for green tea, coconut water and Costa's Raspberry Ice Tea
  • Learning how to cancel all YouTube ad's - honestly, it's the best thing ever, really useful for listening to playlist's too, no interruption's!
  • First time buying yankee tart's, I know something so silly but they smell soo good!
  • You lovely people enjoyed my blog post's, some even reached over 5,6,7 thousand view's. Wow! Thanks for following, commenting and being generally fantastic. I will be continuing my blog in 2013, and will inshaAllah get around to writing up those post's I promised!


  • Being unable to do more for charity, I wish I had the means to do a charity skydive
  • Black henna from the Eid Bazaar. Cheap dye just looked a mess afterwards. Never again.
  • Being unable to fly to Jordan for my sister in law's wedding. The video looked great, she looked truly amazing, so sad I missed it
  • Reading Paper Town's by John Green. Honestly internet, you owe me for that one! Incredibly overrated.
  • Lack of job's in my area
  • Cancelling our trip to Italy :( 
  • Incomplete Project 365 - I can never finish them!

No matter what, I always try to say "Alhamdulilah". Many have it so much better and many have it far worse.

I hope to rectify some of the above within the next year, inshaAllah.
I'd like to start driving lesson's too, as we have been talking about it, since June.
I need to get meal planning. I told myself to do it many times this year but I didn't get very far. Living on one   paycheck, keeping a halal income (i.e. no overdraft's, credit card's, mortgage's etc) in this economy is quite challenging, so i'm hoping that will help in some way, inshaAllah. Or I can find a part time job at least, to release some pressure off my husband.
I want to build a better routine for myself because the long anti social hour's my husband work's and not having a job or children ends up in a routine which is far from natural.

I want to read more islamic book's. This year i've read the odd islamic book and alot of fiction which is good work for the brain, eye's, vocab and general de-stressing but I really need to read book's which will benefit me in other area's. I was thinking of getting a kindle to house all my islamic pdf's/ebook's from kalamullah because I know I wouldn't be able to stare at my laptop screen and read them off there. Perhaps I can treat myself with my birthday belated Eid money.

As I was writing part of this post it had gone midnight, I wondered why my phone was going crazy, then I realised.

...InshaAllah khair.

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  1. Wow your year was jam-packed! There were so many things I could comment one but the one that really stood out for me was... you can cancel youtube ads?? Please do share - this would be a glorious end to 2012! : D Hope your 2013 is filled with many blessings in all forms, from health and happiness to good books and new food to tickle your tastebuds! Sarita x


~~La ilaha il Allah~~

Thank you for the comment. I love reading them all. I'm really sorry if I can't reply to everyone but I do try my best. Hope you understand. Peace.


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