Friday, 1 February 2013

JAN recap & Link Love

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

I can never keep up with writing a daily diary, i'm pretty sure we've all been there, kept strong for the first couple day's but then it died out. So I figured if I wasn't writing a whole blog post on an event in my life i'd write a round up type post of the whole month. I really enjoy looking back on thing's and my memory really isn't the best so it's more practical than anything hehe. I guess i'm hopiing to keep up with 12 post's a year rather than 365.

So here's what January looked like...

Had a great routine at the start of the month, bed after isha, up at fajr!
Read more Quran, especially after Fajr time - must remember to jot the ayah's down that touch me in the moment as I never remember them completely :(
Cooked new recipe's.
Went sales shopping with some friend's.
Tried the new mozzarella panini at Costa (i rate it!)
Started the meal planning - it's a work in progress
Played in the snow. 14th Jan was the first snow of the year (continued on and off for 2 weeks)!
Enjoyed the series Miranda (I can't believe I missed the first 2 series, I love it!)
Enjoyed the Coldplay MX tour, the closest i could get after ticket's were sold out
Read this really interesting article: The last diet you will ever need 
Watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead amongst other intriguing food documentaries
Watched a Social Anxiety Documentary
Watched 93 year old yoga instructor gets guinness world record-wow!
Switched my breakfast to overnight oatmeal instead of the trusty weetabix
Beating the winter blues with a few comfort's

Islamic Articles & Lectures
28 Marriage Tips in Islam
Pride & Arrogance by Muhammad Tim Humble
Things NOT to do at the masjid
Never give up hope - Nouman Ali Khan
Teaching Islam to our children - Nouman Ali khan

Just Go with it
Wizard of Oz
Dr Dolittle 3
Edward Scissorhand's
Hard Eight 
I wonder how many I watch per year? I may check my flixster account to see how many I watched last year...

Breakfast at Tiffany's - Truman Capote
Birth: A History - Tina Cassidy
This year I have decided to do the 50 book reading challenge. I hope I can complete it and still find it enjoyable. If I actually spent more time reading than browsing all sorts on GoodReads I think i'd finish more book's! Plus I had a bad eye this month, I have no idea what happened but it stopped me from reading for about a week! I may start a list like Book's & Quill's :)

Visit's to the gym: 0
Home workouts: 3

Random Google's include:
Wedding butterfly release, Optic neuritis,  Jon Bon Jovi Soul Kitchen restaurant, Mimi Kirk,  Dr Oz Show, Raw of beauty blog, harrod's 2013 bear, GHD vs CHI hair straightener's, "This year" by Meghan Tonjes, obliques, super king size duvet cover, juliette tang.
It's February already, subhanAllah where does the time go?


  1. I LOVE Ponyo! Have you seen Totoro? It's the cutest thing : D

    1. Ponyo is such fun. I haven't seen Totoro yet, it's on my list, along with 'spirited away'. They're all from the same anime group so i'm pretty hopeful for what the next two will offer :)


~~La ilaha il Allah~~

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