Friday, 1 March 2013

FEB recap & Link Love

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Asalamu alaikum, peace be upon you all.

I'm really enjoying these monthly recaps. It especially helps with memory and appreciating how much can be done within a month, rather than letting it fly by.

"If notes aren’t taken at the time…the thoughts may be lost forever." - The reason behind my million and one notebook's and note apps on my phone!

Wedding swag, and yes, I am yet to officially change my name. I've only had 8 year's to do it!
(note the literal meaning of the use of the word 'swag'!)

1st  = my brother's wedding, I was proud of my big bro that day
I created a little place on the internet for my photography, own brand name and all(!)
Enjoyed "The Mary Berry Story", a little piece of English history in the foodie world
Igniting my lost flame for art, art journal's have been a real inspiration this month.
 Mixed media is a real love of mine, I cant wait to get stuck into my own journal
If you didn't know already, I am well and truly addicted to may have become a problem!
Blood test
Feeling under the weather, a little ill and very tired of being tired, my routine went out of the window
Beyond all that I decided to do Mum's housework, cooking, organising, laundry, as she was ill
I barely saw my husband, perhaps 8 hours a week, if that, it didn't make a happy me
Making dua for him as his candle is being thoroughly burnt at both ends
Currently stuck in a vicious circle, and it's taking far too much of my sparse energy
Healthy, clean eating is hard when most fruit and veg, especially avocado's are astronomical price's, £2 for 1? aint nobody got time for that!
Doing my hardest to keep my head above water and grateful through all the hardship's
 I think I can put an art journal to great use as a creative cleanse
Sorted out ephemera, stencils & masks, paper's, supplies etc
Built a 3D jigsaw puzzle of the 'Dome of the Rock' in Palestine
Visited my Dad for a few day's at the end of the month

Islamic Knowledge
(video) In the name of Allah (SWT) we Eat Pray Love
(video) Fiqh of Pregnancy & newborn's
Free ebook - Etiquettes of a Muslim on Friday (Jummah)
(video) Lesson's from surah al kahf

Flight (at odeon, birmingham)
Happily N'ever after
The Hunger Games
Oliver Twist (2005)

Birth: A history - completed
Life of Pi (only 12 pages and it had to go back as somebody reserved it)
If there's one thing which will encourage me to read a book, is it turning into a film. Quick! Read! before there's spoiler's and film still's all over tumblr! I now have Nicolas Spark's book "Safe Haven", it's been on my to read list for a while and it's currently on at the cinema!

Random Googles
Aquaini, Cheshire Oaks, Louboutin Fifi Black Glitter, Harry Ramsdens, tropical birdland, Gesso,  how to fix a tap head,  cycle of acceptance, hierarchy of needs, art journaling, mystery shopper, revenge at home in the hamptons, bolster, PLL episode guide, Wistman Woods, journal girl, traci bautista art, ikea laptop table, avobath ingredients, zandra rhodes royal doulton,
Visits to the gym: 0
Home workouts: 0
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Once I plan a little blog tlc time, i will inshaAllah be back with the usual random blog posts inbetween these recap's. Just trying to sort a few personal thing's out at the mo'. I would never ask unless it is important but during your dua's if you can spare a few seconds and be so kind to add me into them, i'd appreciate it so much! <3 center="" nbsp="">

Talk to you all soon, ma'a salama.

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