Friday, 8 March 2013

Journey to Art Journaling

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

I have decided to start an art journal. A place to express and pour out my thought's, and feeling's. I've not heard of or seen many people take up this hobby over here in England, most 'flick through' videos tend to be from people across the pond in America. So you may have heard about it and you may not. Scrolling through this pinterest board may give you a good idea. I've always enjoyed art at school, but since leaving I had never got past more than a doodle on a random paper whilst on hold during a call or waiting for a movie to load. Or the blue background-ed canvas which has been patiently waiting for completion for a number of year's I care not to admit.

Mixed media has always been a love of mine, I love the layer's that are easily created, the craziness, fun and endless possibilities. Also, making a collage is fun to do at any age! Don't get me wrong, I admire the talent some artist's have when they just use pencil, ink, watercolour etc but I find most of them one dimensional and easily missed. Mixed media draws you in, makes you ask how each part was made, once you're done with one area there's still so much more to see (note: One of my favourite journaler's - Traci Bautista ). Some may find this type of art juvenile, but I say do whatever makes you happy, art shouldn't have any rule's on how it should or shouldn't look. Afterall each and every person's individuality is in each piece, why would you want to conform and waste your own uniqueness?

I even found such a creative sister mashaAllah and I particularly like her 'bismillah' page, enjoy it here:

After stumbling across a video from somebody who also suffers with a chronic illness, she mentioned how she deals with the more difficult day's, and there my attention was court. Art journaling. Thinking I could really get into something like this, I then decided to watch a plethora of youtube videos (tutorial's and flick through's) and through the waves of inspiration, something clicked.

You don't need to be a professional artist, it can just be your way to cleanse creatively, a way to clear the mind of everything that's spinning around at 100mph. It can be of any topic, it's your journal, your life. The journal can be themed, or random. If you're unable to chat with a friend for a much needed rant, open your journal. An arty way to untangle the emotional mess. There's something so great about putting colour and word's on a page, any way, shape or form - just how you like it. Soothing. Plus afterwards you may just have a fantastic piece of art which brings happiness every time you look at it. Or simply trigger memories of a time that once was.

I've learnt that it doesn't have to cost alot. With mixed media you can recycle alot of household item's. You know you're an art journaler when you begin to look at a piece of packaging and think you could use it in a project!  After having a look through my office supplies, memory box for ephemera, I think i'm set. I found stencil's which i've had since junior school and lots of other handy bit's and pieces to use. I just need to purchase one item: acrylic medium. Which after seeing many different project's and how it's worked for other people, I think that would suit my personal needs best. Considering I will be sticking alot of ephemera down and don't want to rely on the modest Prit Stick as it can dry out rather quickly and I will have pieces falling out left, right and centre! I will be trying this one out, from The Works. I don't think I will be buying a journal either. I found an old A4 notebook which has fairly good quality paper in it, but I will be sticking two pages together for my required thickness (another use for said acrylic medium). I've never used it up until now so thought it was meant to be, especially with it having a coil ring binding, so it will lay flat making it easier for this newbie to work!

I also signed up to an Interactive Art journaling group and made a board on pinterest for all the inspiration, cheaper priced supplies from ebay and video tutorial's on different technique's that i've found to be helpful.

Now the only thing left is to begin...

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