Sunday, 31 March 2013

March: A monthly recap of another kind...

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

What a month!

SubhanAllah, you know Allah is great when He can help guide you through the worst condition's and you continue to feel happy and blessed coming out the other side. Overwhelming emotion doesn't really capture the magnitude of event's which took place this March. Let me just say that the month has been quite something. I'm not even talking about the amount of snow and freezing temperature's we've had through March either.

A month where I have done some major soul searching. I spent a week with my Dad, away from my husband to enable us both to breathe and think about our future together (8 year's together and only spending one or two chunk's of time apart? Alhamdulilah I think we had done great so far, but we really did need it!).
This led to many thought's and feeling's. Asking what I truly want in life, the thing's I would do or give to complete them, setting my priorities straight, giving myself a good old reality check! Have I been doing the best I can? Completing my duties as a Muslim, wife, daughter and so on? Letting myself get into a rut and feeling defeated from thing's out of my control. Was I going to let it keep me down, and then let it repeatedly kick me and control me, whilst I was down?

These are the moment's that change my life.

Learning things about myself that I never thought possible, clearing the mist. Age is inevitable, maturity is optional. Alhamdulilah these moment's and event's in our life are 100% a test from the One who loves us most. Created to set us up for a higher quality life here and in  Jannah, inshaAllah. The most difficult test's are for the toughest soldier's, and i'm blessed to have been given this time to complete my challenge and inshaAllah learn from it and continue with positive action. Of course I will probably stumble along the way, I am not perfect. However as long it keeps me close to Allah SWT, i'm grateful.

I feel as though I have never experienced any such emotional heartache as I have done this month. At the same time I have also felt elation and bounce-off-the-wall happiness from some family news and an announcement from one of my close friend's, mashaAllah. It was bliss, almost everyone I knew had some sort of happy news to share which was joyous and refreshing.
I had the pleasure of visiting Germany with my husband this month too. It wasn't a planned trip, just a nice treat for the both of us, we spent it with family so it really was a treat not having to worry about anything! (If you've experienced arab family hospitality, then you will know what I mean!). It's also one more country marked off the 'to visit' list.
I then had one day to smooth out the anxious reality snap back, get myself into gear and prepare for a new opportunity. Then the following day I was sitting in an interview for one of the best opportunities to grace me. I'm currently making dua that I am successful, to be blessed with this job so I can give my talent's and put them to good use, ya Fattah.

This maybe the year when everything changes.


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