Friday, 17 May 2013

Shamelessness - Lower your gaze

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Have you noticed how it's the most impure activities that seem to be most popular these day's?
Human's unable to control themselves, lacking their sense of shame. Looking at impure thing's, undressing to please other people's desire's or for money, intoxication of alcohol and drug's, gambling money and asset's, using interest in business transaction's, sex outside of marriage, harm and abuse of self or other's, impure illegal act's...and we wonder why so many generation's are damaged mentally, emotionally and physically. The main problem? They don't follow life discipline. 

Not only that they do not allow positive role model's. All of the above would be the easy route, giving into tempation. Everybody else is doing it, why shouldn't I?
 In today's new's it's rare for somebody to become famous in a respectable and honourable way. We are typically fed the get famous quick by X,Y and Z. Just think of any reality tv show, i'm sure a few have popped into mind even if you don't make a habit of actually watching them (not to mention a show created entirely about the title of this post!).

Go disrespect yourself or your kid's and you get easy money. Great! Everyone's working for money, right? Well, I can get it super quick, and lots of it AND maybe i'll be famous too!
The problem with this is that once your sin's are exposed, you cannot remove them from the world's eye. You can ask for forgiveness sure, but everything is out there and the way technology is, will no doubt be there forever. The kim kardashian 'tape', snooki's antic's, nicki minaj's performing like a clown in a music video, and the lady gaga's of the world (this is the part where i'd wonder if their parent's are proud of them on how they were taught, but in retrospect i'd imagine they would be, which makes my stomach turn. Especially when you learn that it's beyonce's mother who creates her stage outfit's for her(!)). 

Lose all your dignity and respect, for what? Some cash to buy material item's that you won't be able to take with you when you pass? No, thank you. I'd rather lose everything worldly and still retain my dignity than act like an animal for money. Audoobillah.

We shouldn't be looking up to these people or even allowing our children to look at such disaster's. We should be ashamed to even come into contact with any of these people. The warm weather we experience is a big example, in England especially as soon as there's a slight ray of sunshine people seem to strip off, no care for who can see them or what they are exposing to other adult's (and children!) too. Humanity should have a sense of shame, "lower your gaze", which applies to men first, then women, we are not animal's unable to control ourselves. Where is our hayya modesty? If you feel no shame in looking at somebody who is half dressed all awrah on show, gyrating on tv, then something is really really wrong. I don't know about you but when I see thing's like this it makes me cringe so much, for my fellow human being's in this life, Muslim or not. Modesty is beautiful. How many young girl's wish to be like beyonce? rhianna? and many other women who are in the spotlight, imitating their dances, singing inappropriate lyric's only to have their parent's praising them for this and putting them on singing show's. What?? 
Even though it is out there, and yes there is alot of it, it doesn't mean to say we join in with such activities which displease Allah SWT. Controlling yourself is jihad, a personal struggle.
For every step in life there are rule's and discipline; in school, at work, the legal system and even driving a car. Rule's to ensure health, safety, and (usually) positive outcome's for everyone. If there were no rule's there would be total chaos. Just like our own lives, if we don't have any rule's or care for anything then it will become chaos. Islam has an answer for all these harmful goings on in the world to help people better themselves and to be prosperous.  Rather than tumbling fast on a downward spiral. Let's face it, we maybe the cleverest of being's created but we sure can make the worst decision's which can be far from proactive. Lust, greed, envy to name but a few can influence our decision's if not disciplined. 
I can type and type about non Muslim's and their impact and infiltration on our ummah for day's, but let's take a look at ourselves, inshaAllah. We now have girl's going all out in public in an outfit which is far from the islamic requirement's - I don't wish to see VPL's on anyone nevermind my own sister's! Men asking their wives to remove hijab, women commenting in public how 'hot' a guy is, men staring at strange women, children not using their manner's towards their elder's, more profanities used than Quran uttered, friend's envious of each other...Muslim's losing their faith.
 The below video by Nouman Ali Khan is a great reminder and is a short clip taken from Returning to Allah (if you wish to view the full lesson), I don't think I can put it in better word's.

Islam always has the answer and always is the answer, SubhanAllah.

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