Saturday, 1 June 2013

MAY recap - Link Love

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

My little nephew was born, went to see him and have cuddles, aahh that new baby smell never get's old!
Hubby and I took a trip to Birmingham for some shopping in The Bullring and Coventry Road
I cooked shawarma, from scratch! So healthy and tasty!
I tried the Nakd bars, the apple pie bar was nice although i'd like a little more bang for my buck
I made some Russian Apple pie
Blogged about these zaatar pitta chips
Completed the 25 bookish things about me tag
Annnd, I shared tip's on Social Networking in Islam, which I finally completed after it being published a few times incomplete (oops!)
I was a good little blogger this month, haha, inshaAllah it continues!
Michelle Duggar writes about how she teaches young adults about modestly

Islamic knowledge
How to achieve tranquility of the heart
Lessons on a journey by train
I have also come to learn that western Islamic shop's have a real dilemma. I went into some shop's on coventry road whilst in Birmingham looking for a Quran. This particular one I required had a price tag of £35 (and yes, it was made of paper). I couldn't quite believe it. How do we expect Muslim's to learn the Deen when general islamic book's are so highly priced (usually £15 for a decent comprehensive book) and even now the Quran is marked so high. Did I buy it? No I didn't, I left quite disappointed as I was planning on studying it this month. My husband will be getting me the same one from Jordan inshaAllah, at a much fairer price. 
Room - Emma Donoghue, I really liked this book, I enjoy book's where you don't get everything handed to you on a plate in the first couple of chapter's, and you're still piecing part's together throughout. I read it in a little over a day and thought it was a great story. One book that was sitting on my to-read list for a while and managed to snap it up for £1.49 at The Works a couple weeks ago, hardback too!

TV & Movies
Dexter - finished season 6, delaying watching season 7 as season 8 (the last season!) is almost out and I don't want it to end!! Silly I know, but it's been such a fantastic show, which is rare to find these day's
Happy - great documentary, lots of psychology bit's, around the world trip's how each and everyone of us is on the pursuit of happiness. Gene's, environment, hedonic treadmill... a must-see
Hungry for Change - sister documentary to Food Matters
RV - Robin William's movie, where the young kid's are actually Peeta from 'The Hunger Games' and Jojo, which I only realised at the very end of the movie
Say Anything - 80's movie teen/chick movie with John Cusack. Aka the one where he stands outside the girl's window with a boombox over his head

Random Googles
bike rental central park, golden berries, simple green smoothies, maca powder, alton towers 2 for 1, american netflix in uk, fiorelli cross body handbag, canon f/1.4, listography, nbc store, Tips for Taking Your Own Outfit Photos, Last Vegas, hair straightener history, my fridge food, chocolate moulds, three thousand miles for a wish by safiyah hussain

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  1. Salam alayki sister, i will look out for the book 'Room'. I am curious. Yeah some book sellers are being a tad bit steep with their prices but it's all business and small amount Allah's pleasure.

    In Saudi they were handing them out free as you boarded your plane. Was wonderful I was able to give a copy to my mom and it was brilliant as it has hadith commentary.


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