Monday, 1 July 2013

JUNE recap - Link Love {Photo Heavy}

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Let my blender see the light of day to make some smoothies

Got my first pair of chucks thanks to the hub

Impromptu mini BBQ, thanks to our lovely friends

Formated my HTC, or as I called it "TLC for my HTC"
Cooked all day long for our friend's on holiday from Jordan, I have never before in my life cooked until i'm in physical pain, ouch! So worth their happy faces and full tum's though
Guest's from Jordan also means present's from Jordan. Alhamdulilah my swag included 2 hijabs, one Quran (remember my last recap post??) and lots of ma'amoul (date cookies)!!

Visited two Uni's, fell in love with one
Attended a 2nd birthday party - the cake was yummy!
Picked up the paint brush and canvas again, still unfinished but one step closer
Blogged about phoney online courses, and a yummy cupcake recipe you just have to try so you can impress family at iftar!
Discovered iiSuperWomanii on Youtube, she is very funny (like if Alicia Keyes was punjabi and funny) and is one of those channel's where you spend an hour+ going through the videos, shopping with parents is so good and How to stay Positive is one of my favourites - watch it!

Got new stationery for Ramadan, including note card's and folder for iman boosters, ramadan revision and ayah's of surah's I will be learning inshaAllah (that idea was taken from sister Zaufishan, Jazakallah sister!).

 Yes, I even got a 2014 diary, 6 months early and yes I am pleased with myself ;)

Islamic Knowledge
Free ebook - Way to the Quran - Khurram Murad
Video - Do you keep a dua notebook?
Video - Jesus VS Muhammad - Muslim Response - watch it, so polite and educated, great dawah, mashaAllah!

Invite (mankind, O Muhammad SAW) to the Way of your Lord (i.e. Islâm) with wisdom (i.e. with the Divine Inspiration and the Qur'ân) and fair preaching, and argue with them in a way that is better. Truly, your Lord knows best who has gone astray from His Path, and He is the Best Aware of those who are guided.  THE QURAN - 16:125

TV & Movies
Boyz N the Hood
Life in a day - a fab documentary
Prison Break - final season on netflix
Pretty Little Liars season 4 started
90210 - final season
Downton Abbey on netflix
DEXTER final season start's 30th June. Tonight's the night!

And The Mountaians Echoed - Khaled Hosseini
Just 50 page's in, and there's so many emotion's already! His writing is my favourite
Healthy reading snack's!

One Born Every Minute
I wasn't impressed with the part about a Muslim woman "clad in a burkha". In an English hospital? I hardly think so, niqab perhaps, but not a burkha! I just wanted to see if it was any better than the show, both are disappointing.

Random Google's


  1. This post is chock full of good stuff! About to watch the vids in a bit. I hate when people say burka instead of niqab!

  2. I came back to tell you that Superwoman is hilarious and thanks for the rec. I really would love to see her make it big, she could totally do it.

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