Thursday, 15 August 2013

Pinteresting Observation's

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

What I love about Pinterest

  • You discover new idea's, place's, and object's that you would never have thought to find out for yourself
  • Recipe's for day's!
  • Can impress the hubby, family, friend's, work collegue's, with these said recipe's
  • The feeling of creativity, organisation and craftiness without actually doing any of the 3
  • It's essentially electronic hoarding, but who care's? It's on the interent, not in your house!
  • Organised pin board's about organisation, oh yeah!
  • You can find a bestie just by how much you repin and like each other's pin's
  • Did I pin this already syndrome, the cure? pin it anyway! (They now tell you if you have already, whoop whoop!)
  • Help, tip's and tutorial's on any interest/hobby
  • Want to plan your next holiday, party, wedding, baby it on Pinterest!
  • The pinterest app - repin something and the last board you pinned to is at the top of the list, which saves loads of time!
  • When you stumble across a male on pinterest...what is this being?!
  • People actually pin their lesson plan's and homeschool curriculum's... :D 

What I dislike about Pinterest

  • 2 word's: Dead. Link's
  • When finding a one of a kind, gold dust like, website or blog post and they don't allow their photo's to be pinned - why do you do this to me???!
  • Being on pinterest so long that everything you see is a repeat
  • When somebody repin's a pin you pinned earlier but they repinned it from somebody else and not you, "what? mine isn't good enough for you, huh??"
  • The "OMG, AMAZING - PIN NOW READ LATER!!!!1" caption's... How about, NO!
  • People who turn a tshirt into a scarf and make it look amazing, when I do it, it looks like a tshirt has been hacked into a lame scarf
  • Everybody's house but mine is perfect!!
  • Your pinterest BFF usually lives around the other side of the world. 
  • Sensory overload
  • My "style inspiration" board is far better than my own wardrobe
  • Those naughty tutorial's which make you think the end product will be amazing and you end up with a hot's lies I tell you! These pinner's need banning!
  • 5 minute's of scrolling turns into 5 hour's
  • I have discovered my vice
  • Must organise my 'LIKES' sometime this century, when i'm lazy I just 'like' rather than 'repin', sue me!

If you just happen to be one of those people who has never heard of pinterest until now, run, save yourself before you are swallowed up by the big, red, recipe making, burlap and mason jar eating machine!


  1. Lol we should start a pinterest addicts club - i agree with everything on your list lol Can i pin this hahah

  2. I have deactivate this account because reasons too much male Pinterest following my pin board (don't know whether following me because of liking my boards or just the opposite), angry because pictures of nudity being put with Islamic Board & always have to update up boards for this take too much of my time. But I do agreed that through it I am able somehow learn what's happening around the world now and what people is interested in....Anyway everybody see things differently and just cannot
    misjudge them :)


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~~La ilaha il Allah~~

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