Thursday, 31 October 2013

All year Gift Guide

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

I have always wanted to write this type of post for Eid. I love gift giving, and finding great product's or little bargain's which are great for goodie bag's, or for lack of a better phrase "stocking filler" type thing's. The only problem is that I just didn't have the time to search for item's, think of idea's and so on around Ramadan and Eid, this year.

Everybody loves receiving gift's (unless your name is Sheldon Cooper) it's one of the good manner's which maintain's and strengthen's the bond between each other. Giving gift's is also sunnah! Don't forget that are certain etiquette's when giving and receiving, enjoy this short clip.

So I thought i'd go ahead and compile a gift guide sort of post, to give at any time of the year! I think it should be done more often actually, spontaneous gift's, which personally are more fun, rather than the typical expected gift's just on special occasion's. I'm not saying those gift's are less special, it's just that a surprise is really comforting from family/friend's as you know they have been thinking about you. Or perhaps you may find something you want to treat yourself to, we all deserve a little something-something, every now and then!

It goes without saying that these completely depend on the receiver's taste and how well you know that person, whether you are the mother, friend, in-law, student. Think of them individually, and of what experience's you've had together. 
What do they like? did he recently move out? did she pass her driving test? having a baby? Should it be a little "saw it and thought of you" gift, a gag gift, or something special?
 A great gift usually has personal meaning. Also think about if you want to spend a little or a lot.

This is purely for inspiration, and most are what you could use to put in a hamper/basket, instead of one big gift.

New Hijabi
printed scarf
no snag pins
hijab hanger
cute pin cushion
leaf, heart, flower head straight pins
tube underscarves
neck cover
Dua or word's of encouragement on a notecard

The cat lady
cat iphone case
cat brush
cat toy
cat treats
catnip bubbles
donation to the local cattery
cat friendly furniture i.e. ottoman
create a playlist of the best cat videos on youtube

fitness fiend 
ipod/phone arm band
running chute
pilate stretchy bands
hand squeezer
hula hoop
green tea
homemade nutrition bar's
zumba for her gaming console
running sock's

Pampered Princess
natural olive oil soap
diy face masks
lush gift set
foot spa
blotting tissues
make up brush roll
essie polish - £3 site/ebay
manicure set
hand cream

Fab friend
personalised chocolate
handbag organiser
fun phone case
their fav boxset (SATC)
designer inspired handbag
Mani-Pedi appointment for both of you

book on favourite artist/designer
box easel
new canvas
mini canvas
paint brush set
diy paint brush holder 
(see make up brush pots with beads in)

the man in your life
love coupons
cool phone case
latest video game
fun novelty (knuckle duster) mug
something he's wanted to get for a hobby of his 
book a weekend away

get well soon basket
fluffy socks
hot water bottle
pain killers
cough drops
mini first aid kit
app store voucher
fruit bouquet
newly-wed package
his & hers mug's, robe's...
ornate frame for their wedding shot
Giftcard for a homeware store

House warming gift
scented candle
picture pocket door hanger
magnetic fridge photo frame/pockets
mini diy kit
family portrait on a canvas

movie buff
free netflix for X month's
popcorn maker w/ corn kernals
cinema ticket's
signed movie still/film from favourite actor/actress
memorabilia of favourite film

teachers gift
foot lotion
coffee mug
kindle book voucher's
The chef

Gift's for HER
Gift's for HIM
Gift's for CHILDREN


  1. I have completely fallen in love with your gift guide. I will use it next time I want to buy some one a gift Insha'Allah x

  2. A very lovely gift idea suggestion. So sweet of you to come up with the idea.


  3. Asalaamu alaikum sis, thanku for leaving your comment on my blog, inshaAllah I will have my menu plan up in a few days!
    Aqeela, xx


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