About Me

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Asalamu alaikum ~ Peace be upon you.

The short story:
Child care/Early years practitioner, happy snapper, bargain hunter, movie lover, likes a bit of everything, revert muslimah.

The long(er) story:
I'm a born and bred English revert Muslim woman alhamdulilah. I'm married to an amazing Palestinian man who I refer to as 'the hub', 'boss', 'zawji' on my blog and we have a little tabby cat.
I'm a qualified Child Care practitioner. I have many other interests which i'm sure you will find out about!
I like to share my musings and useful articles that I find which may help the Muslim community (Ummah) inshallah. There's lots of variety; from personal issues, current events, teachings of Islam, reviews and general blogging. Simply striving for Jannah inshallah through the struggle that is life.


  • I have ______ for review... / How can I...? For any freelance writing, review's, sponsor's, advertising or any other blog/business query,  please see 'Contact Me' tab above.
  • What camera do you use? Photography on this blog is taken with a CANON IXUS 860 IS unless otherwise mentioned.
  • Are you paid to say/plug that? All post's are my own honest opinion's. I've never been paid to write any post, however if that changes then I will always let my readers know. If I like something then I tend to shout about it from the rooftops and love sharing new finds or promoting somebody's fabulous hard work with my readers!
  • How did you become a Muslim? As much as I enjoy a reversion story as the next person, I do not have mine available for the internet. It was a really amazing, euphoric experience but very personal at the same time, so I won't be sharing it with the public for now, I hope you respect that.

One last thing, thank you for following my little hide away blog!


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