Wednesday, 9 January 2008

A new direction of YT videos.

Salam wa laikum (peace be upon you)

On YouTube 'theamericanmuslimah' thought of an idea of a children's TV show. It's called 'Muslim Pals'. In the recent video, I wrote the script and added the voice of Yara. I really cannot believe how it turned out!! It's so lovely and for something so simple i feel it's very effective! The new video is called "What is A Nasheed?" the new nasheed in the video is only short but in the future inchallah I will create more which are much longer. These maybe added later in the series (?). The editing is really good mashallah thanks to my sister in Islam.

Please watch::::

After I saw it for the first time I was so happy I just couldn't believe it, that I had participated in it - so now I am interested to do more, still with 'Muslim Pals' of course but if something else comes up then maybe I'll attempt it. However this is with everything else in my schedule :S hehe...I hope you all enjoy it and show your children, grand children, nieces, nephews etc etc!!

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