Wednesday, 6 February 2008

12 Extraordinary uses for Baby Oil

Baby oil isn't just for babies. It is useful all around the house.
Apart from it's intended use, baby oil has many uses around the house.

1.If you have latex based paint on your hands, a rub with a little baby oil will remove it.

2.Rings can get stuck on fingers. They are easily removed with baby oil. Don't pull the ring as this causes swelling. Just gently rotate it and ease it of.

3.First aid sticking plasters can be quite painful if you pull them off. Rub a little baby oil into and around them before gently removing.

4.Squeaky doors case be quietened by rubbing a little baby oil on the hinge and gradually working it in until the noise stops.

5.If your children like bubble gum it is likely to get stuck on faces, in hair and on hands. Baby oil will remove this. Just rub gently.

6.Baby oil is very good to shave with. Ladies: It is excellent a barrier when shaving legs as it leaves them super smooth.

7.Mix baby oil and a few drops of lemon juice and use as household polish. It is very good on wood.

8.Baby oil is an excellent make-up remover. It is gentle and moisturizes at the same time.

9.Zippers can be a problem if they tend to stick. A little baby oil will keep them moving.

10.Peeling price stickers off new glassware, or plastic coated books, etc can leave a sticky mess. Put a little baby oil on your finger and rub.

11.A few drops of baby oil will polish and shine chrome and stainless steel.

12.Leather bags and shoes can kept supple and waterproof with a little baby oil.

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