Saturday, 2 February 2008

News, Bits and bobs....

Hmm kind of random today. Stopped in and had a sort through all of my arty things and college stuff. Almost had a heart-attack when I couldn't find one of my assignments but then remembered one Unit wasn't an assignment but an exam -THANK GOD!!! I found lots of little things which will help me in a new series i'm thinking of doing on my YouTube channel. It won't be religion related however still something interested and helpful to everyone - that's all i'm saying, but you can guess what it'll be! A few days ago I found on 'WikiHow' a guide to make a friendship bracelet and I had ago today. The only thing was that I didn't have coloured wool so with a crayola felt tip pen I had to colour over some white wool hehe... I will get some coloured wool/material for the next time though :D

It turned out quite nice for my first attempt, I just think that if the wool didn't go fuzzy from colouring it then it would have looked a little better....

In other news I wanted to make more cooking 'how-to' videos for my YT channel but when I start to cook I take some videos or pictures then after a few stages I just forget and then before I know it the thing is cooking and I don't have all the images to go with it but a few. So that means that I have to wait until the next time I cook the same dish or just do a video on something i'll be doing the next day :/

Also I still need to sort out my photos which I want to print out, going all the way back to April last year. Including 2 holidays, my English wedding, family, random stuff and fun times :) It's a BIG job!

Btw I found an AMAZING site which I feel everyone would find a great internet web tool. It's called StumbleUpon and it loads a toolbar in your internet window and when you are bored and finished everything else in your 'surfing schedule' you can click STUMBLE and it will take you to sites that you like according to previous topics you have given them (including design, photography, humour, health, food etc etc). If you like it, it will favourite a site for you and you can find some really good,interesting and fun sites which you can always go back too! :D 5*

Take care!

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