Saturday, 5 July 2008

New house, New Life?

Finally, i've moved and got the internet connection back up. Furniture is all arranged to preference, items have found their new place, almost adjusted to new noises, clothes need to be sorted into draws and not just a huge pile covering the wall... how much have i missed the internet? it sounds so lame but when you don't have it, you think of a million things to do or look-up but you just havent got that access. I really don't know what happened before it i really don't. Recipes, guides/tips on how to.., music, news, competition, design, talk, vlog, shop...I found myself at a weird place. Dumb, in the past, lost with nothing to do or help progress an idea or thought i had. Maybe I could have done a little more college work for my portfolio but it was just like everything had come to a hault. After all the usual chores were done in the house - there was just boredom. I have to say, it was one of the times where I had watched the most movies (SATC, Harry Potter and the goblet of fire, What happens in Vegas, 21, I think I love my wife, Step Up 2, life or something like it, head of state, music & lyrics (1st half an hour) ...and probably a few more. Thhinking about it, there could have been more productive things I could have done or made happen but it was a strange feeling as for a while at the beginning i was getting used to a new house and everything was everywhere as we were still working so couldn't really get things done until the odd day at the end of the week. However now it is feeling more like a home than a house but people say that when you move it's like starting a new life but to be honest it just isn't especially when you are still in the same area code. It's just a different living space. A new life i feel would be a new country and people, adjusting to the changes, cultures and so forth or a woman getting away from a bad divorce or someone with a new business idea that's taking off. It's nice, but i still miss our apartment a little bit as we were on the second floor and didn't have to worry about security and could even have our windows open 24/7 7days a week if we liked. It was all new, clean and modernised too which was to my liking. A house is bigger i guess and brings alot of different perks but it just means that, there's more places to dust! ;)

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  1. congrats on your new house! :D

    moving into a new house can be really frustrating. i too have recently moved, but i moved into a whole new area and it was hard. all my neighbors STILL stare at me! lol

    nice blog :]


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