Saturday, 7 March 2009

Read at your own discretion

Why do those people known as ‘goths’, ‘greebs’ and so forth say that they don’t wanna follow fashion trends and mix in but then they all wear the same hoodies, baggy trousers and those huge platform metal boot things and black makeup?!

Why are people wearing less and less by the day? You actually look better covered up! Plus why show your body to any joe blogs and dirty old man down the street? If you want respect off others – gain it from yourself first!

Why do girls think when putting make up on they have to look like a clown? Make up is for enhancing the beauty – not to cover it up!
Why are the guys these days becoming more feminine? Grow up – BE A MAN! Don’t let ya g/f stand in the queue and make your order and pay for it at the end! Don’t walk around with your arms out like you have biceps bigger than hulk hogans, when you have none! Don’t walk like a fool that just looks like he’s been shot it the leg! Go to the gym – be stronger than your girlfriend to protect her – not hide behind her! If you are gonna talk trash too – live up to it and not shy away when you’re confronted! Oh and btw –don’t wear pink – no matter how ‘in’ it is. …oh yeah, cussin just looks foolish! n being grandparents at the age of 13 is the lowest of low scum!

Why is it you see people who are rich and they are the ones doing everything wrong/illegal?

Why is it that someone is fortunate to drive a Porshe but then cannot even park the thing?

Why is time going too fast?

Why is there more bloodshed? More fools following empty missions! Killing the innocent who have done nothing wrong and are just trying to defend themselves!

Why are more people choosing not to have children? Not to ‘lose their career’ or they are too selfish to even bring up their own child!

Why do parents scream vicious things at children from a young age and then wonder
why they turn around and swear at them back when they grow up?!

Why is it that is someone selling A class drugs gets more time in prison than a paedaphile? It’s because of this country! Because someone was selling something (doesn’t matter if its illegal) and not paying the tax!! But paedophilia cases just get a few years and then released back into a street full of kids!

Is everyone that blind these days to see what is really going on??

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