Saturday, 28 November 2009

Fab Find!

It's not often that you can find a trendy modest top that ticks all (or even more than half) the boxes from your list of muslimah dress code. So i came across this. Something that triggered my hunt for such items was that the company I work for have changed the dress code. Therefore for most of the week we have to be in Smart wear and the weekends can be smart-casual.

I really didn't understand it to be quite honest as the only thing that has changed is that we have moved into a new £18m building. No policy change, but we all have to follow. I know what I wear is smart without a code. Yes I wear jeans, but darkwash smarts aren't exactly stone washed with holes up the legs are they? Plus suits, blouses etc don't come cheap - especially when you know you are only going to be wearing them at work, in a call centre where NO customers see you.. Ok rant over...

So I found this top from TopShop, it's loose at the bottom, not a striking colour, it could be layered, accessories applied and go with a pastel hijab. The only niggle I had with it was the price tag. It looks like a thin top and personally i'd have to think it was 100% perfect before buying - therefore i would go into the shop rather than making my purchase online. I have tried ASOS with no joy..

..and the hunt continues...

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