Friday, 8 January 2010

What will the New Year bring...

Of course we all want to make changes, whether that's for the new year or in life in general. Resolutions, mini lists of things to-do, new interests, travel, a new job, learn to drive, or other big decisions that can land on our front door step will mould how the year will turn out.

Some things that I would want to do are;

~Renew my passport
~Get an eye test
~Take a holiday abroad... or at least A holiday
~Get my provisional drivers license
~Take driving lessons (!)
~Learn to cook more complicated Arabic dishes
~Cook more often on work days, rather than having take-out or 'freezer' food
~Visit family and friends alot more
~Read at least 1/2 books a month
~Upload at least 1/2 videos on YouTube each month
~Learn more Surahs from The Quran inchallah
~Eat more fruit
~Get back into Child care or enrol in a Midwifery course in Sept
~Buy a sewing machine
~Pass my driving test
~Finish the painting I started 2 years ago
~Look into building a small business
~Complete all 5 daily prayers, but on time - no matter if i'm working inchallah

That is only a few of the things I want to do too! Some are quite small things which gives an idea of how much I procrastinate. Another thing what I want to do this year, just to get on with it and to become productive. To do 5 extra productive things during each day.

Inchallah this is going to be my year!

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~~La ilaha il Allah~~

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