Sunday, 11 April 2010

Vial Shopping

Lately I don’t seem to wear much perfume. The reason being is that my brother in law lives with us. I would love to wear perfume more, for my husband and myself because who doesn’t want to smell nice and feel that little bit special? However I’m sure you are aware of this hadith:

“It is reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “If a woman wears a perfume and then passes by people who smelled her perfume, she is then considered an adulteress. And every eye is liable to commit adultery.” This hadith was reported by An-Nasa’i, Ibn Khuzaymah, and Ibn Hibban in their compilations of authentic hadiths. It was also reported by Al-Hakim who regarded it as authentic.”

So for me there’s no point in paying for the full bottle prices at the moment as 1.5ml (which is the usual sample vial size) would last a good few months. One bottle hub did buy me though was Armani ‘Diamonds’ because we were out buying some perfume for my sister in law and they give us a sample of ‘Diamonds’ and I loved it so much so it went from there. Buying gifts is the only time I buy perfume now, either bottles or the gift sets where you get the body lotion or something with it. Which I think is sometimes better than the perfume. They are two in one as they soften your skin too. Even before I got married I was never that ‘girly’ to get into it all. I guess being human, when you are restricted to do something you want to do it even more.

We used to travel a lot when I was younger so that meant – DUTY FREE. So there was always lots of bottles that my mum had so I pinched some or had the ones she wasn’t using as much of anymore with her accumulating so many. I guess it wasn’t a big deal with it always just being there.

Unlike how you see the all these youtube videos e.g.“my perfume collection”, where people brag (mostly) about what they have. Some can be watchable though where they recommend a scent or mention the bottle shape. As I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but part of me is drawn to the shape of the bottle – then the smell (unless it’s exceptional! lol). I have this one (Armani Diamonds, you know the one with beyonce on the ad singing; “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”)
but mine doesn’t sparkle as much as this one though : )

Some other lovely smells and fab bottles are:

Thierry Mugler “Angel”

Jean Paul Gaultier – the torso of a woman – love it!

Vera Wang – Princess – a heart shape and crown on top

Davidoff – Cool Water

Christina Aguilera – love the lace pattern, very feminine

Or Anna Sui, the scents are good, not at the top of my list but the bottles are ALWAYS so pretty!

Dior – J’Adore

Hilfiger – Tommy Girl – such a classic and one of my first perfumes from my Mum

So I was just browsing ebay trying to get a few different ones to use for when my BIL is out at work or with friends. : )

What are your favourite scents/bottles?

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  1. My FAVORITE right now is Still by Jennifer Lopez. A close second is So In Love by Victoria's Secret, but it's discontinued, so I try not to use it often.


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