Monday, 31 May 2010

Monday 31st May 2010

So what happened on 31/5/2010?

For some it was memorial day, some a national bank holiday, others- a day off from work and a day out with the family.
However for a group of activists it was the day where they would sail to Gaza on the 'freedom flotilla'.
Their intention? To peacefully supply the suffering Palestinians with goods so they have a chance of getting support and the basic supplies. Those including: medicine, wheel chairs, health+sanitary care, dentist chair, blood screening machines, school/education supplies and temp homes/tents, tonnes of cement...

A ship that was sent to Gaza to demonstrate that there are people out there, there are people who have heard their cries and there are more importantly people supporting them and standing firm against the torment of israel and who want to help deliver aid....

However their plans were interupted when the israelis decided piracy would be their next step. Killing 20 within the first few hours (however western news stations only reported 9) and injurying hundreds even though those on board waved the white flag at the start.

How long will the UN allow the terrorist state Israel to get away with crimes against humanity?
How much more evidence to they need?!

They were centre stage today and well and truly displayed their tainted colours. There is not one person who would accept this so why isn't there more being done? Israel have one of the strongest armies, but they were scared of a boat full of canned food, toys and basic survival goods....
It isn't even about Muslims vs Jews anymore, it's about humanity and justice for innocent vulnerable people. Acceptable? I think not.

There were many posts on facebook and Twitter as well as protests all around the UK and the rest of the world to raise awareness and to speak out against this crime.

We are with you Palestine. Today. Tomorrow. Forever


Thanks for reading, but please keep our brothers and sisters in your duas inchallah. Peace.

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