Saturday, 12 June 2010

Advocate drink driving

OK, so it started as a great week to be at work.
It lasted up to Friday afternoon.

Usually with it being a call centre, myself and my collegues would be taking calls and getting sales from people wanting to upgrade their mobile phone. This week was based around better performance and how to achieve a better net promoter score for our department.

After brainstorms, presentations, meetings, learning what other departments do in more depth etc we had to present back to a senior sales manager.

It all went perfectly fine, as we were happy and so was he. However, as a 'reward' for all our hardwork and a tradition at the end of the week (as different teams take turns to be pro active around other areas within the business) this manager brings in a bottle of champagne and several bottles of wine. So the first item was to share between the team and the others you could take one home.

Myself and an Asian guy in my team are Muslim. We do not drink alcohol. We both stood up and moved to the otherside of the table as the bottle was popped and as you can guess; overflowed everywhere. I was almost going to be sick from the smell of it. They poured out a few cups and offered it to us and the Asian guy said "No, no don't worry" and they disregarded it and moved onto pour the next cup. No "sorry". No "oh well we have this for those who do not drink.."

Not only do i feel this act was quite disrespectful for two members of the team out of 7, there was no alternative for us to have whatsoever. Not even some orange juice as a token of appreciation. If you are going to 'reward' one then you should reward the other. If i didn't feel like I was going to vomit because of the smell I think i would have really had words with this guy (even if he is my managers, managers manager! So that's 3 up the food chain). Not only couldn't we share the first thing we couldn't take the other bottle home. How is this even within policy of discrimination act? As it is almost favouritism too.

I will be back in work Monday, and my views will be put forward. I did the same amount of work as anyone else, the same goes for my Asian collegue, so why should we go without? It was quite ironic too, as one main point the company is strongly looking into is cost reduction(!) Stop buying booze would be a start! This is the best bit; the manager understood that majority of those members of staff drinking alcohol would need to drive home. How disgusting, I cannot believe that i work for a company who advocates drink driving. They didn't even decline it which is another shocking thing! They must have felt very important drinking 'bubbly' out of a plastic cup with one of the 'big dogs'. It makes me sick.

In one hand I feel i over-reacted when I told my mum what had happened today, in the other I know i didn't as they are wrong for what they have done. So after a great week, I now come home highly irritated, annoyed, and very deflated. Job Morale: big fat zero.


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