Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Euro is dropping!

...And no, I'm not talking about currency. It's the standards...EUROVISION and 'tactical time wasting votes'

Albania - 4
Bosnia&Herz... - 1
Finland - 10
Slovenia - 6

Azerbaijan - 5
France - 1
Slovakia - 8
Ukraine - 3
Norway - 5

Cyprus - 2
Belarus - 8
UK - 3

The netherlands - 10
Moldova - 1
Georgia - 4

71 points for Israel? what were you all thinking?? One; the song was very poor. Two; they are not even IN the EU. So what is going on? They are not welcome in Palestine or Europe, so why don't they just take a hint?

I loved how they gave the winning song zero points as that song belonged to Germany.

In case anyone was wondering UK scored a whole 10 points and came last... Lol!

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