Wednesday, 23 June 2010

"I gots me some easytones!"

A knock on the door and I know it’s the postman with my present(a little treat from me to me)!


First impressions and thoughts:

• Incredibly comfy and bouncy

• Look sleek

• Extremely well made

• Fit perfectly with lots of support

• Happy with getting a bargain (FYI I am not sponsored for this)!

• Glad the real thing looks better in person than in a photo/advert

• When trying them on for the first time, you’re expecting to feel something different. However you don’t. It’s very subtle so will be great for that hidden work out (I hope, as we are all a little sceptical on if they do really work or not! As these are the shoes to have to get those legs toned up and possibly work on your glutes too).

• One thing I will say is that the different slogans on the shoe let it down. I don’t want my trainers talking to me (‘take the gym with you’ or ‘non marking outsole’). These are located on the sole so no one would see them unless they looked close, but the info could be easily put in the little label attached to the shoelace hole and would make a lot more sense.

• Linking from the last point, on the side of the sole it says ‘easytone’. Again, if you buy these for a ‘hidden workout’ you really don’t want the world to know no matter how small the print is. Or is it the matter that some people want to show how materialistic they are and show how much they spent for an item? I for one will be wearing the longest trousers possible to cover. Modesty is the best policy ;)

• Apart from a few niggles they look like any other trainer. Unlike the skechers ’tone-ups’ range which look rather strange and stand out a mile. No, these present themselves as a decent running shoe.

I cannot wait to take them for a real test.
I will add my thoughts in a few weeks time.
So, it’s so far so good! :D

P.S:If you have any questions you want me to answer, then just leave a comment!

P.P.S: My thumb looks really strange whilst holding them : / lol

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