Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Meow bismillah...

This made me LOL:

"...On the lighter side of the use of the term halal but equally unnecessary use, is the manufacture and sale of halal pet food. Given that animals are not governed by the ruling of halal and haram with respect to their actions or their food, you have to wonder how far the use of the term halal can go.

Does my cat care if he eats meat not slaughtered in a halal manner? No he doesn’t let me tell you. He only cares it smells and tastes good and if it doesn’t, he will go catch his own; and although he is a clever kitty, I don’t think when catching little mice he stops to draw his claw Zorro-style across their jugular vein whilst miaowing “Bismillah”.

Allah s.w.t. has seen fit to ensure that animals are in submission to Him and are not required to use their free will in accordance with His laws – because technically, they don’t have any. Halal and haram don’t apply!..."

Taken from: Halal: How Far Can It Go? (I *heart* that site!)

My kitty has gone for the halal option once before (caught him at it at xmas 09). Very cheeky indeed, it was a good job i was finished!

However i usually feed him whiskers/Felix gravy pouches; afterall he is an animal and if he was in the wild he'd be eating far worse!

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