Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Ramadan Blog (Day 6-15!)

Yes, so i'm not going to go through each and everyday. Things have been bizarre over this last week and a half(-ish).

My husband returned from family business in Jordan, a few hours short of 200 days (!). I know i am cray-zee to wait that long, but what's a girl in love to do? :p
Alhamdulilah everything is now sorted. More hijabs have been added to the collection, so that means more will be going to charity inshallah.

I couldn't wait to see all the photos of the trip, family and of course Mecca & Medinah.

My hub was the mahram for his sister's' in law. The photos are ah-mazing mashallah. I really wanted to go but inshallah we will go next year. I will try to upload some pictures soon, once we figure a way of uploading them from the phone. As Nokia fail on that side of things (badly!). There are actual photos very close to the kaba. He said he wanted me to be right there with him and not miss it ^_^ Subhanallah. I am truely blessed to have a husband like him, and he is lucky to have a wife like me too (mwahaha, who else would wait all that time j/k :p). My friend suggested a song whilst he was away by Maher Zain called "For the rest of my life" it is beautiful mashallah and literally takes the words out of my mouth.

I got some pretty hijabs, saudi ornaments, masbahas and prayer clothes which are so cute. My mother in law has great taste mashallah. Some cousins left a video message for me which was really sweet and almost had me in tears.

Aside from that i've had no internet access due to issues on the line and the whole North area of my town. So we are tagging at the moment. Good but not the best.

Lots of friends are expecting babies at the moment (woohoo!) so i am eagerly waiting on that news. Iftars have been amazing, all of them on time and enjoyed by all alhamdulilah. I need to invite friends over before the month is out to break our fasts together.

I was walking to the halal supermarket 'Pak Foods' the other day, let down my umbrella and when reducing it down one of the branches/'prongs' slid right into the bed of my finger nail. Pakistani women with kids were next to me at the time so had to hold the whail in. I initially thought it just got trapped but when i looked down my hands were covered in blood - eek! So it's still really sore and awkward as it's on my middle finger.

We are half way through Ramadan now. I need to get back into gear and how i was at the beginning of Ramadan. Going to learn more Arabic tomorrow inshallah and possibly al-Fil in a few days time inshallah khair : )

I miss the big juicy dates of last years Ramadan. I didn't find them this year. Maybe they were imported from Israel? They ruin everything don't they? tut!

Being on Twitter is always interesting. Something that caught my attention this week is Muslim British boxer Amir Khan with his Ramadan tweets. It is very pleasing to see celebrities still living in the real world and (the Muslims ones) keeping their Deen at heart. Our brother praying Asr:

I love how twitter is so blank and boring to those on the outside who 'just don't get it' but once you join and step inside it's like NARNIA or something!!

That's all I can think of for the moment. I have to go hide now as the hub and bro in law are going to play the SAW game (:O) ...why did i buy it? ....why? It's so gross!


  1. Salaam alaikum sis,
    mash'Allah I'm so happy for you that your hubby's back ^_^
    insh'Allah you two can enjoy the final ten days of Ramadan together, may Allah(swt) accept both your fasting and your good deeds, forgive your sins, and grant you salvation from the hell-fire, AMEEN!

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