Tuesday, 21 September 2010

How to Be a Better Laundress

Whether you've just moved into your own apartment, got married and adjusting to domestic life or want to better your household skills, read on:

Tired of pulling washing out of the dryer and seeing that it's frayed or faded? Have you dyed your honey's underwear an embarrassing shade of pink? Don't worry, there's hope for you yet! You can still be an absolutely fabulous home laundress, when you use these tips:

•Button-up trousers and shirts, close zips, and turn garments inside out to reduce wear from washing.
•Inspect and pretreat stains and soils with liquid detergent. Use a bleach pen for pretreating stained white areas of garments with stripes or patterns.
•Check for stains after washing and before drying, because drying sets the stains.
•Don't use hot water unless you're washing items you believe must be absolutely clean and disinfected. Hot water wears down fibers.
•Always check pockets. It's bad when you open the door and find bits of wet clumped up tissue all over your new top but it's even worse if your mobile phone or debit card has had a spin!
•Unfold socks where possible. As balled up socks will hold powder and can cause athletes foot.

For the rest of the tips, read more below.

•Don't bleach wool, silk, or garments with more than 5 percent spandex.
•White sheets made of cotton not treated for wrinkles look best longest.
•Always wash garments with like colors to avoid those pink-stained whites! However, if you're washing in cold water, your clothes' colors are much less likely to run.
•If you have a lot of loads, sort items into further subcategories, such as into heavy and light clothing.
•Avoid fabric softener, since it leaves a coating on clothes. Use dryer sheets instead. Or, for the lightest impact on your clothing, avoid the dryer altogether and hang your clothes.
•Everyone has a sock monster. Use your spares to dust the house and throw them away afterwards.

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