Monday, 20 September 2010

The Need For Freedom - Muslim Marriage

Everyone needs their own space, no matter how much you love each. It's just one of those things. Believe me.

The type of freedom needed here is a comprehensive freedom in all aspects of life. It includes:

• Financial freedom. The husband should always give his wife some money to spend it whenever she feels necessary, even if his income is limited. Women need to feel secure financially. This is why Islam mandated the dowry to women.

• Freedom of independent opinion. Both sides should not impose their own opinions on the other. They should respect the independence of the other and respect the difference in their views. Viewing the spouse's opinion as silly or belittling it in any way does not contribute to a healthy marital relationship.

• Social freedom within the guides of the Shari'a. Men should have full confidence in their wives when they seek to go to school, visit family, visit friends or seek a job as long as both sides are performing their duties toward themselves and toward the family.

Both should realize the need for restrictions on these freedoms. However, the margin of freedom should be respected.

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