Friday, 10 September 2010

THINK, it's not illegal yet

Here are some internet documentaries that you should give your highest priority too.

I've tried to link my family and friends up and repeatedly told them to watch them. Most now have and have been quite surprised. After each one you will be shocked, possibly want to question quite alot of things in life, but that's good. It is far better to question everything you ever knew than to continue blindly in something you are not comfortable with. Better late than never, right?

They completely open your eyes, uncovering the truth to enlighten.

Some maybe long but if you break them up through the week ahead - you're sailing! Really, you shouldn't pass these up for your soaps/reality tv (they can wait!).

Please watch the below videos.
Inshallah you find them useful and don't forget to the watch the additional parts to some of them (also found on YouTube).

911 Loose Change

Occupation 101

The Arrivals

Invisible Empire (A new world order)
From the same person who made "911 Loose Change".

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